A New Chapter in First-Class Veterinary Nurse Training

A New Chapter in First-Class Veterinary Nurse Training

Author: Ali Heywood3/15/2023
A New Chapter in First-Class Veterinary Nurse Training

Dick White Charitable Foundation Takes Over Dick White Academy

The Dick White Academy (DWA) has been officially taken over by the Dick White Charitable Foundation, which will now be responsible for running the organization. The academy was opened in 2016 to address the shortage of qualified veterinary nurses in the profession and remained under the ownership of Dick White Referrals (DWR) until it was acquired by Linnaeus in 2021. However, it was felt that the interests of the academy would be better served by the charitable foundation.

The foundation is chaired by Prof. Dick White and run by a board of trustees. It plans to continue providing top-quality education to students studying for level three qualifications, while also expanding the range and depth of courses available. The academy has an outstanding reputation for delivering first-class training, and this has been reflected in the results achieved by its students.

Currently, the DWA is training nurses from 88 practices through the apprenticeship scheme, and the number attending courses has increased from 15 in 2016 to 140 in 2022. In a recent end-of-term survey, 100% of students reported that they were enjoying their studies and felt confident that the lectures delivered would help them to pass their exams.

Academy principal Ali Heywood expressed excitement about the potential development envisaged by Prof. White and the trustees of the foundation. She believes that there is no doubt that the need for a high standard of veterinary nurse training is increasing, and that the DWA is ideally placed to provide it.

Overall, the change in management to the Dick White Charitable Foundation ensures that the Dick White Academy will continue to provide excellent education and training for veterinary nurses, while also expanding its offerings to meet the needs of the industry. With the foundation's support, the academy is poised to achieve even greater success in the years to come.

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